suede jacket + suede shoes =

So my love affair with suede is still going strong, and after treating myself to this jacket in Mango as mentioned in this post I found some boots that match the colour almost exactly! Blame my mum but i'm a sucker for some colour coordination. The only problem with all this suede is I have to check the weather forecast all the time because if theres even a 10% chance of rain i'm not risking it.. #suedeprobs anyone? 

 Jacket & Shirt - Mango // Jeans - Gap // Shoes - ASOS // Bag - Michael Kors


the denim culottes

As you guys may or may not know i'm sliiightly obsessed with culottes.. With the big denim trend this year i was dying to get my hands on some denim ones, after buying and taking back quite a few pairs because the fit was just NOT right (Forever 21, Zara i'm looking at you). I finally scored these in the Topshop sale for £7. Yes, £7!!! Bargain of the year. Too bad I had to wait until summer was over for them and now i'm too much of a baby to wear bear legs.. Fingers crossed I still like culottes by next year! 

Denim culottes - Topshop // Leather jacket - Mango // T shirt - Zara // Belt - ASOS // Shoes - Forever 21


the kimono

Happy Sunday guys! I am just back from a whirlwind trip to Belgium and Germany with work, so i've had quite a quiet weekend catching up on sleep/housework and other boring things. In other exciting news my boyfriend and I booked a trip to Oslo in December!! Super excited (although it's going to be freezing). If anyone has been or has any tips please hit me up :) 

Kimono - Zara // Top - ASOS // Sandals - Aldo // Jeans - Gap // Necklace - Primark


the floor length shirt

Happy Sunday guys! Quite a simple outfit today, I like the twist on this check shirt being almost floor length with no sleeves. I'll have to have a proper think about how to style it some other ways though as I don't think it's the easiest fit with the rest of my wardrobe. These photos were taken a few weeks ago but I'm still behind on posting, how is it October already??!

Shirt - ASOS // Jeans - Zara // Tshirt & shoes - Primark


the long black dress

I admit that this dress sort of looks like an oversized bin bag, but I think it kinda works? This was my first Monki piece and definitely made me fall in the love with their minimalist vibe. Also how good are these Dr Martin dupe sandals from Bershka? Deffo didn't want to be shelling out £££ for some ugly sandals (i admit) i probably won't wear much, but these do the trick nicely! 

Leather Jacket - Mango // Dress - Monki // Sandals - Bershka // Bralette - Calvin Klein // Earrings - Topshop


the dress over jeans

Happy Sunday! Excuse the majorly pissed off face in the first photo.. not sure what that was about. This look is quite different from what I usually wear but I thought i'd push the boat out and go a little outside my comfort zone. I got it quite late in summer but next year i can't wait to frolic on the beach with it layered over a bikini.

Dress - Forever 21 // Jeans - River Island // Top & Shoes - Primark


the little black dress

So I'm back! I know I mentioned in my last post here that I was going away on holiday and wouldn't be able to post, but I took a lot longer than expected to get back into the swing of things blogging wise! I do have loads of photos waiting to post, but it's just finding the time! September is one of the busiest months in work so far and I've also been travelling at weekends to see friends. Anyway, sorry for the quality of these photos there was a smudge on the camera lens (rookie mistake) and I don't have a proper photographer who notices basic things like this.. 

Dress - Mango // Bag - Vince Camuto // Sunglasses - Ray Ban // Watch - Michael Kors